About the Author

Eden has had some unique accomplishments and life experiences, and all of these have influenced his personal strategy in addressing challenges and contributing to the community. Eden is a professionally trained medic course commander from the Israeli Defense Forces. He is also the founder and CEO of Clear Lights Tech and a computer science undergraduate student at the Israel Institute of Technology. No stranger to making the most out of precarious circumstances and overcoming challenges, Eden has achieved what few young writers have done- become a guide to others who want to become successful eBook writers.

about make it happen

from the author

What would you do if you were truly passionate about an idea but were clueless about how to go about it? Well, for young Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Eden Marco, the best way was to simply take the plunge.

Eden’s fascination with technology, self-improvement methods, and writing led to the creation of MAKE IT HAPPEN- an enriching read about a determined entrepreneur’s unrelenting struggle to acquire the skills to write a successful eBook, from scratch.

In MAKE IT HAPPEN, Eden offers distilled ideas from his personal experience, including:

  • Motivational strategies for any kind of project
  • Describing each and every step of writing an eBook
  • Workable tips to compensate the lack of experience in any field
  • Technical advice on discovering a unique personal voice

YOU Can Make It Happen too.

In his debut Make It Happen, Eden has spelled out everything you need to do in order to, start, market and sell your own project. The process appears simple because Eden has laid out everything in an easily understandable way so that you can get started immediately.